Discipling Young Hearts

Parents: I highly recommend this quick read. Simple truth that was equally convicting and inspiring. Needed it this morning! It’s a great reminder that our primary job as parents is to disciple our kids, shaping their hearts (not do’s and don’t behaviors) to love God. It gave some great ideas, based on Deut 6:7:

talk about (the commandments of God) when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.”

So, utilizing transition times, along with morning and bedtime to have spiritual touch points with your kids is a practical way we can do this in any season. I love the idea of speaking blessings over them and the importance of family worship too.

Family has such a profound, long term impact on young hearts, and it is our God-given responsibility to disciple our kids first, before ministry and work outside the home.

Raising kids whose hearts are bent on loving Jesus is our greatest success, not raising the future most financially, socially, or athletically successful adult, (or focusing our adult life more on those things ourselves) although they are important too. Definitely made me rethink our daily schedule, priorities, and goals.