Ezer Kenegdo

So glad that I decided to finally get this tattoo on my 30th Birthday trip! Here’s an explanation in case you’re interested. It comes from Genesis 2:18, “Then the LORD God said, it is not good for man to be alone. I will make a “helper suitable” (the original Hebrew word is “ezer kenegdo”) for him.”

The Hebrew word “ezer” in English has the complex meanings of strength, power, to help, and to rescue in battle. It’s used all over the Old Testament to describe God as our helper, saving His people from desperate circumstances and battles. This brings a much fuller meaning to Eve being called Adam’s “helper” and the identity God instills in all women when He creates us. We are strong ezers, and our debut on the scene of humanity via Eve was rescuing Adam out of his aloneness, the only thing by the way, that God called “not good” before the fall.

The Hebrew word “kenegdo” also has a complex meaning in its English translation. Literally: “As in front of him,” also; perfect match, corresponding to, equal to, embodying the concept of ying and yang in the complimenting and at times opposing differences of men and women. They’re the perfect pair, who together, within their unique gender differences, share the burden of life and ministry. God called both Adam and Eve to co-rule over the earth, ideally as they walked with God in the garden.

“Ezer Kenegdo” is God’s Word and heart for womens’ identities, which has been life changing for me. It describes the beautiful way that men and women together bear the image of God, especially before sin ravaged our relationships on earth. I placed it on my foot to remind me that I am walking it out with Jesus, partnering with Him in the gospel’s continual work of redemption, and ultimate restoration of all things as they were in Eden.