GATHER: Unique and Valued, Part of God’s Family

We had such an incredible GATHER this morning! Our theme was the family of God, and we featured a story and song time and heard multiple women sing and share about what the family of God has meant to them. I loved that all generations were represented too! There were tears from us all, and there were also lots of laughs, and we ended with a puzzle piece ornament craft that says “unique & valued, part of God’s family.”

As Romans 12:3-8 says, because of Jesus’ gift of grace, we belong to one another, and we’ve all been given gifts to build up the family of God. Each of us are a unique and valuable part, and we aren’t a complete puzzle without every person! It’s so important for everyone to be part of the family of God, whether it’s with Agape Women and the Chapel Family or another one, we are incredibly thankful to belong to the eternal family of God, and especially during the holiday season when earthly family brokenness feels heightened. So thankful for you sisters!

Can’t wait to GATHER again in the spring. If you’d like to jump on an team to plan & host our GATHER’s, or sign up to connect weekly in a Missional Community or small group and didn’t have a chance to this morning, please message me!