A Beautiful Beginning to 9 years, and counting…

| NINE YEARS | Our story began with the most incredible sunset we’ve ever seen, and a call to embody the gospel in and through our marriage by mutually laying down our selves for each other.

Can you imagine being God and seeing time like a finished book on your shelf? I imagine Jesus gifting us with this sunset on the first page of our story, and being able to flip forward and picture all the things that were to come, even in this moment. All the growing up we have to do. Our three kids. Our greatest joys. Our darkest times. And during the challenges, He was always rooting for us to press more deeply into Him along the blind curves of life, knowing that during those valleys that we couldn’t see why, were always the times He was shaping us into more of His image. Who He is creating us to be together comes to light more clearly as we emerge up out of valley seasons and into mountain top moments of our journey together.

What a beautiful beginning this sunset was. I remember our photographers pulling us off the dance floor to come out and capture it, because this was seriously stunning and not photoshopped in the slightest. From the moment I saw it on our wedding night, and even now when I see this photograph, I’m reminded of God’s immeasurable and undeserved grace towards us, especially in gifting each other as husband and wife. We regularly talk about how God couldn’t have matched us better with someone else, our weaknesses are perfectly complimented in each other as well as our strengths, and together we make an incredible team. Counting down the days to ONE DECADE next year, and many, many more to come. Love you, Mr. DiLeonardi, Happy Anniversary!