About Laura

Hello and welcome! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you leave more encouraged than when you first arrived.

Let me first introduce myself, I’m Laura. I met Jesus in High School and He radically changed my heart and the course of my life. I went from living a hopeless life without Jesus in a non-Christian home, to meeting Jesus, who turned everything upside down, and soon called me into fulltime ministry. This led me to attending Moody Bible Institute where I graduated with a BA in ministry and a minor in Bible, and I also did some graduate work in clinical counseling at Denver Seminary.

Since I met Jesus in the year 2000, I’ve had the honor of being part of, leading and founding various ministries, and growing in my understanding of how the gospel relates to all of life. I’ve been married to my Bible-college sweetheart for almost 10 years, and we have three kids, Jackson, Selah and Lucy.

In our free time we enjoy experiencing God’s creation in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, hiking, camping, running and adventuring. I love nothing more than grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend, new or old, and hearing stories of God’s restoration in their lives, and I am bent on sharing how Jesus is moving in mine. That is the heartbeat of this blog.

I have a passion to see lives continually transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ- it is the best news I’ve ever heard, and it speaks into all of life, at any age, at every turn- Jesus speaks a better word.

In my life and ministry, my passion is bringing everything back to the cross and resurrection of Jesus, and seeing all of Scripture through the lens of the Gospel, it changes absolutely everything about how we do life and Christian ministry, which can so easily stray from being Jesus-focused, and become moral-focused.

Being rooted in the radical grace and love of God, rather than try-harder religion and the insecurity it produces, shifts our focus off of what we can do for God and onto what Jesus has already done for us.

Dwelling on our new Gospel-identities, ones that we received by grace through faith alone, produces an increasing joy and grateful service to God and others. Works-based Christianity can never do that, only Jesus can transform us from the inside out, and the more we surrender our hearts and lives to Him, the more we’ll see Him work in and through us.

When we know it’s all about Jesus, and we’re freed from the pressure to perform and earn, we can’t help but tell everyone the good news!

The more we see Jesus in all of life, as the lens for Scripture, sovereign in every struggle, and the reason for every victory, then the more glory He receives! It’s all about Jesus.

I invite you to dive into life in Jesus with me, as I open up and share about the highs and lows of life, insights God’s given me from His Word, and stories of God working around me. I hope that you are able to connect with parts of these stories, but most of all, my prayer is that they point you back to Jesus and the incredible invitation He extends to you to receive new life in Christ.

But it doesn’t stop there friends, God redeems us for a purpose, He adopts us into His family and He gifts us to join Him in His restorative Kingdom work here on earth as we continually speak the Gospel into all of life. Will you join us?

So glad you’re here, and again, thanks for scrolling through my blog.

Because of Jesus,

Laura DiLeonardi

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