About Laura

Hello and welcome! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you leave more encouraged than when you first arrived.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Laura. I met Jesus in High School and He radically changed my heart and the course of my life. I love nothing more than grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend, new or old, and hearing stories of God’s restoration in their lives, and I am bent on sharing how Jesus is moving in mine. That is the heartbeat of this blog.

I have a huge passion to see womens’ lives continually transformed by the Gospel. God has burdened me to help women internalize that their worth is rooted in the cross and resurrection of Christ, and for that rock-solid identity to spring board them into a life of passion and purpose in glorifying God.

Knowing God begins with encountering the truth about Him and ourselves in the Word of God. I invite you to dive into that with me, and to also wait in anticipation for the Lord to transform you as you get to know Him and who He says you are in Christ. So glad you’re here, and again, thanks for joining me.

Because of Jesus,



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