We’re Part of God’s Grand Story

Hindsight is 20/20, but in the midst of our current struggles, it’s helpful to remember that God is in control of it all, there are no accidents, and somehow He works it all out for His glory and our greater good (Romans 8:28).

After all, we are just supporting characters in the grand narrative of God’s story, where Jesus is the hero, and we are not the main subject. But when things go wrong, this is usually when we become aware of our “hero complex.” Our knee jerk response as things take a turn for the worse is usually, “wait, isn’t God supposed to work everything out for my good?” We tend to have a fixation on self and a narrow perspective. We often fail to see the grand plan that God has, and we forget that we aren’t the main character in the story, He is. Continue reading “We’re Part of God’s Grand Story”

Struck With God’s Glory

2018 goals right here. Scheduling regular days like this to get away from the noise and alone with God. But when I finally got to this much anticipated destination today, after a very busy holiday season, I found it hard to be still, to not do any work (which I wouldn’t let myself bring) and to quiet the desire inside to be productive or gain something from this time. As Americans, we are addicted to being busy or consuming content from somewhere 24/7. I confess.

It wasn’t long before I recognized my “detox” responses, and began asking myself:

How long can I sit with God before presenting a problem, asking for direction, or wanting to take away something? Can I not just be still here on this gorgeous beach and know that He is God? Even when I know I’m addicted to doing and try to remedy that with this silence and solitude retreat, my heart still drifts towards busyness. Continue reading “Struck With God’s Glory”

2017 Reflections

Wow 2017. I am blown away by the things God did, the ways He nurtured new growth, new birth and ushered restoration into corners of my heart and then flooded back out into facets of my life that I never expected. I have new found courage to never lose hope, to keep trusting in God’s timing, in His character, and remember that the things people may intend for harm, God will always use for His good, in His timing. (Genesis 50:20)

What did I learn in 2017? To leave fear behind and pursue God-breathed dreams with abandon. Don’t expect everyone to understand or to cheer you on, but don’t let that bother or surprise you. Shine your light and mark the way along the path less traveled, believing they will soon be coming along on their own journeys, too. Continue reading “2017 Reflections”

GATHER: Unique and Valued, Part of God’s Family

We had such an incredible GATHER this morning! Our theme was the family of God, and we featured a story and song time and heard multiple women sing and share about what the family of God has meant to them. I loved that all generations were represented too! There were tears from us all, and there were also lots of laughs, and we ended with a puzzle piece ornament craft that says “unique & valued, part of God’s family.”

As Romans 12:3-8 says, because of Jesus’ gift of grace, we belong to one another, and we’ve all been given gifts to build up the family of God. Each of us are a unique and valuable part, and we aren’t a complete puzzle without every person! It’s so important for everyone to be part of the family of God, Continue reading “GATHER: Unique and Valued, Part of God’s Family”

Advent: A Season of Waiting for Jesus

I loved getting to share about Advent in church this morning and what God is doing in our family lately. I LOVE Advent, and our family enjoys doing a Jesus tree every year, where we get to see Jesus in every story of the Bible, and how the Bible isn’t just a bunch of little, disjointed, moralistic stories, it’s actually one big story, the story of God and how Jesus rescues His people. Jesus is the true and better fulfillment of every promise and person in the Bible, and I’m so pumped my kids gets to learn this at a young age, because I wasn’t raised in the church, and didn’t hear this stuff until later in life.

Advent is a season of waiting for the celebration of the birth of Jesus & the return of Jesus- where He will finally come and wrap up His story with the total restoration of all things that are broken, putting them right again like He first created them in the Garden.

We all have things we are waiting on God to answer, to redeem and restore. This is why I love Advent, it’s an intentional time to point our hearts back to Jesus in these tensions. Continue reading “Advent: A Season of Waiting for Jesus”

Jesus: True and Better in The Waiting

When I don’t know what to say and I can’t understand why God is allowing or isn’t allowing things, it’s a knee jerk sort of response to turn it on myself for a minute. Do I, or do I not deserve this? Have I not done enough right things? Have I done too many wrong things? Do I deserve reward or punishment? Too many of us wonder this when tires blow out or things fail. Me. What could I have done? How do I measure up?

But speaking the gospel into the broken places of my life means turning the focus from me to Jesus. It’s asking myself, how is Jesus already better than what I want? How am I not allowing Jesus to meet all of my needs? Do I have to have this, or is Jesus more than sufficient in what He’s already done for me and is doing in and through me? How does the presence of this hardship only magnify Him and minimize me and my felt need?

Ever wonder what type of person you’d be like if you never faced any pain or hardship? If we always got what we thought we needed? Probably not a person who Continue reading “Jesus: True and Better in The Waiting”

GATHER: God’s Way!

Tonight was our first GATHER of many to come! We had an amazing time coming together as Agape Women along with new friends who came out for the first time. It was incredible to see many women use their gifts and creativity to bring together such a beautiful, memorable night! Thanks for building our women’s ministry together, brick by brick. Excited for what God has in store for us as we continue to GATHER God’s way from Acts 2:42-47!

Continue reading “GATHER: God’s Way!”