The DiLeonardi family has some big, bitter-sweet news to share- Matt got a promotion that is relocating us to Seattle in mid-April.

I know. Its really fast, and I’m still in shock. I can’t even begin to process what losing my family, friends, church family, Agape ministries and all I have invested in here means. You guys 😭😭😭 I wanted to take the time and tell more people in person, but I wasn’t able to because of the turn around time, and I also wanted this post to give you each a minute to process this news because it is a fast one.

We will be talking and praying about how Agape Moms, Agape Women, And Agape Family will continue and thrive in my absence. God is going to raise up more people to fill the gaps in leadership and he is going to grow people, and multiply more disciples because of me leaving.

More disciples. That’s the word that God immediately spoke to my heart. More disciples in Tampa through you all, and more disciples in Seattle through my family. That’s what this move and life in Jesus is all about, pouring out our lives wherever He leads us, to make more disciples. It’s submitting our lives. It’s living to serve and not be served. It’s leaving our comfort zones and trusting Him, being desperate for Him to show up. It’s loving recklessly in the face of the death of a season and in the rebirth of a new season. It’s practicing the resurrection. It’s grieving and resting in God and allowing new creation to sprout up through Christ in a new city. It’s taking the Gospel from my Jerusalem, beyond Judea, and to what feels like the ends of the earth, 3,000 miles away. It’s about how God is calling my Agape Tribe to step up and serve more in and through our ministry. It’s making space for more disciples to be made. Continue reading “#moredisciples”

Bring Your Mess

#bringyourmess- what began as a simple hashtag I used to try and convey the sort of community God had burdened me to begin back in fall of 2016, has turned into our Agape Moms mantra, a simple saying that has given many mamas the courage to come for the first time. To come out from behind theirs screens, from the pseudo-connection of their social media worlds, from the sudden loneliness that cripples many moms transitioning from working to mom-ing, and having to have some serious identity checks. “Does my worth come from what I do? What about when no one sees what I do, and the amount of butts I wipe and messes I clean, Every. Single. Day?” Things get messy real fast in the mom world, and it’s easy to hide behind our Instagram reels of happy moments, that are likely sandwiched between messy moments before and after the perfect snap.

When I tried to capture this cute pic of me and my kids in our new shirts for Agape Moms, that say “bring your mess” and “I’m the mess” for the kids, I wanted there to be some “mess” visible, so I opened my minivan for you to see the Cheerios, Continue reading “Bring Your Mess”