Lament and Hope in the Face of Evil {Psalm 73}

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wake up and check the news anymore without shock, tears, desperate prayers and opening my bible. It’s easy to ask- why? Why does God allow this again and again? It’s easy to look at people who systematically inflict pain or “terror” on others and feel righteous anger. They seem untouched by the heartache we feel today. A psalmist penned similar struggles and lament when faced with evil that is left unpunished and without any foreseeable justice.

Therefore pride is their necklace; they clothe themselves with violence. Continue reading “Lament and Hope in the Face of Evil {Psalm 73}”

Love Thy Neighbor {everyone is your neighbor}

Don’t ever confuse people who use the name of Jesus, with Jesus. See what His Word says instead. His love for all people, and His new family of God, including every tribe and tongue, speaks a better word than any hateful message. When I see injustice and evil perpetrated against my brothers and sisters of color, by people of my own ethnicity, I have to speak out. #dontbesilent #loveyourneighbor #loveyourbrothersandsistersinchrist #charlottesville

Image and photo credit: Timothy Keller, Generous Justice