The DiLeonardi family has some big, bitter-sweet news to share- Matt got a promotion that is relocating us to Seattle in mid-April.

I know. Its really fast, and I’m still in shock. I can’t even begin to process what losing my family, friends, church family, Agape ministries and all I have invested in here means. You guys 😭😭😭 I wanted to take the time and tell more people in person, but I wasn’t able to because of the turn around time, and I also wanted this post to give you each a minute to process this news because it is a fast one.

We will be talking and praying about how Agape Moms, Agape Women, And Agape Family will continue and thrive in my absence. God is going to raise up more people to fill the gaps in leadership and he is going to grow people, and multiply more disciples because of me leaving.

More disciples. That’s the word that God immediately spoke to my heart. More disciples in Tampa through you all, and more disciples in Seattle through my family. That’s what this move and life in Jesus is all about, pouring out our lives wherever He leads us, to make more disciples. It’s submitting our lives. It’s living to serve and not be served. It’s leaving our comfort zones and trusting Him, being desperate for Him to show up. It’s loving recklessly in the face of the death of a season and in the rebirth of a new season. It’s practicing the resurrection. It’s grieving and resting in God and allowing new creation to sprout up through Christ in a new city. It’s taking the Gospel from my Jerusalem, beyond Judea, and to what feels like the ends of the earth, 3,000 miles away. It’s about how God is calling my Agape Tribe to step up and serve more in and through our ministry. It’s making space for more disciples to be made. Continue reading “#moredisciples”

Struck With God’s Glory

2018 goals right here. Scheduling regular days like this to get away from the noise and alone with God. But when I finally got to this much anticipated destination today, after a very busy holiday season, I found it hard to be still, to not do any work (which I wouldn’t let myself bring) and to quiet the desire inside to be productive or gain something from this time. As Americans, we are addicted to being busy or consuming content from somewhere 24/7. I confess.

It wasn’t long before I recognized my “detox” responses, and began asking myself:

How long can I sit with God before presenting a problem, asking for direction, or wanting to take away something? Can I not just be still here on this gorgeous beach and know that He is God? Even when I know I’m addicted to doing and try to remedy that with this silence and solitude retreat, my heart still drifts towards busyness. Continue reading “Struck With God’s Glory”

Jesus: True and Better in The Waiting

When I don’t know what to say and I can’t understand why God is allowing or isn’t allowing things, it’s a knee jerk sort of response to turn it on myself for a minute. Do I, or do I not deserve this? Have I not done enough right things? Have I done too many wrong things? Do I deserve reward or punishment? Too many of us wonder this when tires blow out or things fail. Me. What could I have done? How do I measure up?

But speaking the gospel into the broken places of my life means turning the focus from me to Jesus. It’s asking myself, how is Jesus already better than what I want? How am I not allowing Jesus to meet all of my needs? Do I have to have this, or is Jesus more than sufficient in what He’s already done for me and is doing in and through me? How does the presence of this hardship only magnify Him and minimize me and my felt need?

Ever wonder what type of person you’d be like if you never faced any pain or hardship? If we always got what we thought we needed? Probably not a person who Continue reading “Jesus: True and Better in The Waiting”

Going Incognito and Serving The King

How many people do you think it took to serve a king and run a royal kingdom? I’m sure it requires a ridiculous amount of unnamed, monotonous jobs compared to the few whose positions are in his named court. There are some pretty dirty jobs, and somebody’s got to do them to keep things running, right? Have you ever seen the show Dirty Jobs? Being a mom needs to be on that list!

Like in any kingdom, including God’s, there are few of us who are chosen to be recognized. However, the applause those in the spotlight receive is in itself enough to cause them to lose sight of The King’s glory rather than their own, so it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. It’s also human nature to perform for the affirmation. It’s easy to do well when everyone is looking and praising your every move, but the majority of us will never receive that sort of feedback in life, nor should we be motivated by it. Continue reading “Going Incognito and Serving The King”