Identity vs. Behavior Modification

This image from Propel Women today caught my eye. When the desire to prove, perform or perfect creeps up, I have to remember who I am in Christ. The identity change is a gift. I didn’t earn it, can’t maintain it, can’t lose it. Dwelling on what Christ did for me, what I never could have done myself, what I still can’t do for myself in my pursuit of spiritual growth- mediating on this huge gift of grace stirs up my affections for God much more than the pressure to perform does. You see, it’s all about identity modification, not behavior modification.

I think too often grace is glossed over so we can get down to business, you know, trying really hard for God and important, mature stuff like that. No, grace is not elementary, its not just the starting point, it’s what carries us every moment of the day. Grace transcends humanity- it’s supernatural, unmerited, and other worldly. Continue reading “Identity vs. Behavior Modification”