GATHER: Agape Love Stories

We had such an amazing afternoon GATHER: Agape Love Dessert Party with the Agape Women and our surrounding community! We had an amazing chocolate fountain dessert spread, we did fun love-themed karaoke with all ages, we heard four women share incredible stories of how God’s Agape Love collided with their lives, and we heard God’s Agape Love stories from Luke 15. We prayed and we witnessed women take steps and leaps towards embracing God’s Agape Love in a fresh way, Continue reading “GATHER: Agape Love Stories”

2017 Reflections

Wow 2017. I am blown away by the things God did, the ways He nurtured new growth, new birth and ushered restoration into corners of my heart and then flooded back out into facets of my life that I never expected. I have new found courage to never lose hope, to keep trusting in God’s timing, in His character, and remember that the things people may intend for harm, God will always use for His good, in His timing. (Genesis 50:20)

What did I learn in 2017? To leave fear behind and pursue God-breathed dreams with abandon. Don’t expect everyone to understand or to cheer you on, but don’t let that bother or surprise you. Shine your light and mark the way along the path less traveled, believing they will soon be coming along on their own journeys, too. Continue reading “2017 Reflections”

What Good is it For a Christian Mom to Gain the Whole World, yet Forfeit Her Soul?

Being a mom means giving of myself every minute of every day, and it isn’t easy, and rarely glamorous. But it’s worth it. Not just because being a mom is amazing in itself, but because God takes any service we do when done for Him and makes it Kingdom work. The seeds we sow, the small deaths we die to self, He causes to grow up into works for His glory. This is motherhood in a nutshell to me.

On days I dream of the next phase, when I’ll get to more fully pursue passions He’s written on my heart, He loves to gently remind me of the simple call to follow Him today, without trying to tell God how I think my life would best be used for Him. The more I try to preserve my life, the more I’ll loose it. The more I give it away, the more I’ll find life in Him. And this goes for my kids lives too, they aren’t mine, they’re His.

With all the fear raging in our world today, God is stirring my heart to love more boldly, even in the face of danger, because His perfect love casts out fear. Instead of being motivated and even crippled by fear as a mom, because it seems I’m surrounded by Continue reading “What Good is it For a Christian Mom to Gain the Whole World, yet Forfeit Her Soul?”