What Good is it For a Christian Mom to Gain the Whole World, yet Forfeit Her Soul?

Being a mom means giving of myself every minute of every day, and it isn’t easy, and rarely glamorous. But it’s worth it. Not just because being a mom is amazing in itself, but because God takes any service we do when done for Him and makes it Kingdom work. The seeds we sow, the small deaths we die to self, He causes to grow up into works for His glory. This is motherhood in a nutshell to me.

On days I dream of the next phase, when I’ll get to more fully pursue passions He’s written on my heart, He loves to gently remind me of the simple call to follow Him today, without trying to tell God how I think my life would best be used for Him. The more I try to preserve my life, the more I’ll loose it. The more I give it away, the more I’ll find life in Him. And this goes for my kids lives too, they aren’t mine, they’re His.

With all the fear raging in our world today, God is stirring my heart to love more boldly, even in the face of danger, because His perfect love casts out fear. Instead of being motivated and even crippled by fear as a mom, because it seems I’m surrounded by Continue reading “What Good is it For a Christian Mom to Gain the Whole World, yet Forfeit Her Soul?”

What The Beautiful Mess of Motherhood Taught Me

Today was Selah’s 18 month check up (right) and the left is Jack at his 18 month appointment. I vividly remember this day with Jax, after his check up we spent the rest of the afternoon outside at the park blowing bubbles, chasing squirrels and writing with chalk, while I was feeling ready to pop, and I was because I had Selah in a whirlwind 1 hour 45 minute labor the next day! Continue reading “What The Beautiful Mess of Motherhood Taught Me”

Discipling Young Hearts

Parents: I highly recommend this quick read. Simple truth that was equally convicting and inspiring. Needed it this morning! It’s a great reminder that our primary job as parents is to disciple our kids, shaping their hearts (not do’s and don’t behaviors) to love God. It gave some great ideas, based on Deut 6:7:

talk about (the commandments of God) when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.”

So, utilizing transition times, along with morning and bedtime to have spiritual touch points with your kids is a practical way we can do this in any season. I love the idea of speaking blessings over them and the importance of family worship too. Continue reading “Discipling Young Hearts”

Going Incognito and Serving The King

How many people do you think it took to serve a king and run a royal kingdom? I’m sure it requires a ridiculous amount of unnamed, monotonous jobs compared to the few whose positions are in his named court. There are some pretty dirty jobs, and somebody’s got to do them to keep things running, right? Have you ever seen the show Dirty Jobs? Being a mom needs to be on that list!

Like in any kingdom, including God’s, there are few of us who are chosen to be recognized. However, the applause those in the spotlight receive is in itself enough to cause them to lose sight of The King’s glory rather than their own, so it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. It’s also human nature to perform for the affirmation. It’s easy to do well when everyone is looking and praising your every move, but the majority of us will never receive that sort of feedback in life, nor should we be motivated by it. Continue reading “Going Incognito and Serving The King”