Struck With God’s Glory

2018 goals right here. Scheduling regular days like this to get away from the noise and alone with God. But when I finally got to this much anticipated destination today, after a very busy holiday season, I found it hard to be still, to not do any work (which I wouldn’t let myself bring) and to quiet the desire inside to be productive or gain something from this time. As Americans, we are addicted to being busy or consuming content from somewhere 24/7. I confess.

It wasn’t long before I recognized my “detox” responses, and began asking myself:

How long can I sit with God before presenting a problem, asking for direction, or wanting to take away something? Can I not just be still here on this gorgeous beach and know that He is God? Even when I know I’m addicted to doing and try to remedy that with this silence and solitude retreat, my heart still drifts towards busyness. Continue reading “Struck With God’s Glory”