Jesus + Nothing = Everything

We hear the word “gospel” a lot, and it’s for sure an overused word, which is such an unfortunate thing. At the time that Jesus came and the term gospel was coined, it was a present day relation to a herald bringing urgent and life altering news. In fact “good news” is exactly what “gospel” means, specifically, the good news of Jesus.

This morning I went through the book of Romans and pulled out a simple walk through of what the good news in Jesus is. It changed the course of my life in high school, and continues to transform me and so many around me. Hope it is life-giving, and freedom for you!

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Love Thy Neighbor {everyone is your neighbor}

Don’t ever confuse people who use the name of Jesus, with Jesus. See what His Word says instead. His love for all people, and His new family of God, including every tribe and tongue, speaks a better word than any hateful message. When I see injustice and evil perpetrated against my brothers and sisters of color, by people of my own ethnicity, I have to speak out. #dontbesilent #loveyourneighbor #loveyourbrothersandsistersinchrist #charlottesville

Image and photo credit: Timothy Keller, Generous Justice

the Gospel changes everything

thegospelchangeseverythingWhat is the Gospel and what happens to our lives when we are interacting with the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ every day?

It changes everything. 

Our minds, hearts, attitudes, and actions shift from self, sin and religion, to God, freedom and mission. And this only begins on the day we surrender our lives to Christ.

I once thought the Gospel was just the starting place for a Christian, and churches that focused too much on it were not spurring us on to maturity in Christ. I couldn’t have been more wrong and immature. Continue reading “the Gospel changes everything”

when our identity is in Christ {we champion each other}

You know that feeling that creeps up after you talk with someone who loves to do something that you dread doing? You see the joy in their eyes, and when they just can’t stop talking about it, or posting about it online, this difference becomes solidified in your mind. And what do we do with that feeling right there? We have options: We can be jealous. We can shame ourselves for not being gifted at it. We can be indifferent. We can champion them. It is difficult to watch someone do something well that we’re not wired to do, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Continue reading “when our identity is in Christ {we champion each other}”