GATHER: Agape Love Stories

We had such an amazing afternoon GATHER: Agape Love Dessert Party with the Agape Women and our surrounding community! We had an amazing chocolate fountain dessert spread, we did fun love-themed karaoke with all ages, we heard four women share incredible stories of how God’s Agape Love collided with their lives, and we heard God’s Agape Love stories from Luke 15. We prayed and we witnessed women take steps and leaps towards embracing God’s Agape Love in a fresh way, Continue reading “GATHER: Agape Love Stories”

What The Prodigal and Entitled Sons Have in Common in Luke 15

After hearing four women share their Agape Love Stories at our GATHER event, I had the privilege of sharing God’s Agape Love stories from Luke 15: the Lost son and the Entitled son both failed to embrace God’s Agape Love. Much like us, they both went after the blessings of God instead of relationship with God, and this set them on a fast track to being face down in a pig pen, and completely unsatisfied and void of joy trying to earn God’s Love. Continue reading “What The Prodigal and Entitled Sons Have in Common in Luke 15”

Bring Your Mess

#bringyourmess- what began as a simple hashtag I used to try and convey the sort of community God had burdened me to begin back in fall of 2016, has turned into our Agape Moms mantra, a simple saying that has given many mamas the courage to come for the first time. To come out from behind theirs screens, from the pseudo-connection of their social media worlds, from the sudden loneliness that cripples many moms transitioning from working to mom-ing, and having to have some serious identity checks. “Does my worth come from what I do? What about when no one sees what I do, and the amount of butts I wipe and messes I clean, Every. Single. Day?” Things get messy real fast in the mom world, and it’s easy to hide behind our Instagram reels of happy moments, that are likely sandwiched between messy moments before and after the perfect snap.

When I tried to capture this cute pic of me and my kids in our new shirts for Agape Moms, that say “bring your mess” and “I’m the mess” for the kids, I wanted there to be some “mess” visible, so I opened my minivan for you to see the Cheerios, Continue reading “Bring Your Mess”

GATHER: Unique and Valued, Part of God’s Family

We had such an incredible GATHER this morning! Our theme was the family of God, and we featured a story and song time and heard multiple women sing and share about what the family of God has meant to them. I loved that all generations were represented too! There were tears from us all, and there were also lots of laughs, and we ended with a puzzle piece ornament craft that says “unique & valued, part of God’s family.”

As Romans 12:3-8 says, because of Jesus’ gift of grace, we belong to one another, and we’ve all been given gifts to build up the family of God. Each of us are a unique and valuable part, and we aren’t a complete puzzle without every person! It’s so important for everyone to be part of the family of God, Continue reading “GATHER: Unique and Valued, Part of God’s Family”

GATHER: God’s Way!

Tonight was our first GATHER of many to come! We had an amazing time coming together as Agape Women along with new friends who came out for the first time. It was incredible to see many women use their gifts and creativity to bring together such a beautiful, memorable night! Thanks for building our women’s ministry together, brick by brick. Excited for what God has in store for us as we continue to GATHER God’s way from Acts 2:42-47!

Continue reading “GATHER: God’s Way!”

GATHER God’s Way: Acts 2:42-47

This fall has been an exciting time for me as the new Women’s Missional Director to get to cast the vision and launch the women’s ministry at the Chapel! My mission is to make women ministry first and foremost about the Gospel of Jesus Christ before it’s about women.

As the gospel takes root in our hearts and we begin to Gather God’s way as the early church did, we can observe their example of how the gospel changes everything. The Gospel goes beyond being just a good belief on paper, or just good news for us- it unleashes us into a lifestyle of giving it away, of loving God and others, while welcoming them into the family of God. This is where Agape Women’s ministry eclipses women with the gospel; God didn’t just save us from sin, He saved us for His purposes on earth, and He gifted us with spiritual gifts to all work together as the Body, as we move together on mission for Jesus.

But it’s only when we gather together that we can truly live out our new gospel identities; it is here in our new family with our new gifts and purpose that we finally belong. This is why it’s so important that we gather God’s way, instead of trying to reimagine our own ways. Let’s not reinvent, let’s just stick with God’s design!

To set the tone of women’s ministry at the Chapel, I wanted to give this call to “Gather God’s Way” from Acts 2:42-47. Continue reading “GATHER God’s Way: Acts 2:42-47”